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We are a full-service hardwood flooring company, with a number of specialities.

Dustless Sanding

  • XtractMAX®  Dustless Hardwood Floor System is CERTIFIED DUSTLESS
  • Offering 99.9% efficiency capturing the super-fine toxic dusts generated by hardwood floor sanding
  • Perfect solution for floor refinishing
  • People with allergies will benefit from a "dustless" environment during the sanding process
  • No need to clean-out your home and clean dust when our job is done

We also specialize in

  • Installation of all types of unfinished and pre-finished hardwood flooring
  • Traditional sanding if Dustless Sanding is not a necessity for your hardwood flooring project
  • Finishing with oil-based, water-based, and tung-oil finishes
  • Custom Design consultation, Borders, customized wood vents, and Inlays
  • Restoration, reclaimed flooring, stair treads and risers, patching and repairing
  • Laminate wood flooring installation
  • Exterior Deck Sanding, Refinishing and Maintenance for a lasting finish

Special Projects and Considerations

  • We can remove and dispose of existing flooring or carpeting.
  • We can coordinate with or hiring sub-contractors that may have bearing on your project.
  • If you choose to finish your wood flooring with water-based finish, you can typically remain in the home during the water-base finish process.  This will save time and money since you will not have to pay for a hotel or ask friends or relative to stay with them during the finish process. 
  • If you have a special project, please contact us and we will be happy to schedule an appointment to discuss your project.