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Your Wood Floors are a lifetime investment.  Please be sure to follow these simple steps to ensure proper maintenance and lasting beauty of your wood floors.

Care and Maintenance

  • Routine maintenance should include protecting the surface finish from moisture and heavy wear which creates scratches.
  • Sweep, dust, mop or vacuum floor daily to remove loose dirt and grit before it can scratch the surface of your floor.
  • While most liquid or food spills will not harm the surface, it is advisable to promptly wipe up spills with a dry cloth or paper towels.  Then clean with a recommended cleaner.
  • Never clean your hardwood floor with water. Never use products such as soaps, detergents, and oil soaps to clean your floor.
  • Only use manufacturer recommended products or a general recommended hardwood floor wood cleaner
  • Place area rugs or mats at doorways to help trap dirt, grit, and sand.  Never use rubber or plastic backed rugs as they may damage the floor.
  • Place an area rug in front of the kitchen sink to help catch any water that may splash out of the sink.
  • Maintain your home humidity level between 30% and 50%.  Use a dehumidifier in the summer and humidifier in the winter to help maintain proper humidity levels.
  • Place protector pads on all furniture legs to prevent scratching and dents.
  • Use area rugs in high traffic areas and make sure they stay dry.  Clean underneath rugs often to prevent trapped dirt from scratching your wood floor.
  • Perform routine maintenance, which includes sweeping, vacuuming with a soft brush attachment, and/or dry dust moping to remove dirt and grit.  
  • Use the proper cleaning pad and proper cleaning solution.  The cleaning pad should be slightly damp and well rung out.  Make sure to always use a clean pad/cloth each time your start the cleaning process.  These pads/cloths can be washed after each use.
  • Keep high heeled shoes in good condition and try to avoid excessive walking in heels or remove them before walking on wood floors.
  • Keep pet nails trimmed regularly and avoid excessive playing with your pet on the wood floors.
  • Never use ammonia, oil soaps, or waxes.  They will dull the finish and create a build-up which will make refinishing difficult.
  • Keep potted plants directly off your wood floors.  This will prevent condensation build-up, which can damage your floor.

Do Not Use

  • Do Not Use WET mops
  • Do Not Use ammonia or chemicals
  • Do Not Use furniture dust cleaners or polish
  • Do Not Use floor cleaning products that are NOT made for wood floors Do Not Use sheet vinyl or tile floor care products on wood floors
  • Do Not Wax on a urethane or water-based finish- NEVER !